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28 September 2006 @ 09:05 am
Everybody knows the story of Cinderella, right? Oppressed heroine doing the housework, fairy godmother, You Shall Go To The Ball, handsome prince, pumpkin at midnight, ensuing search for heroine, with helpful shoe.

My version, with humble apologies for its lateness, is here.
21 December 2025 @ 12:21 pm
Welcome, One And All!

This is an announcement declaring a change to the onceuponaremix community!

Unfortunately, that dreaded muter of muses known as Real Life has postponed several of the anticipated stories from the original challenge (including that of this, your faithful and lowly minstrel, a.k.a. The Moderator ;D ) Never fear, said stories are indeed coming, they are just not with us as yet.
And let me take this moment to sincerely thank and congratulate two of our bards, summerbutterfly and ciliegio!!

Thank You so much, for your participation and efforts. Both stories are FANTASTIC! (make me want to re-write mine, hee)

Now, I haven't gone to all the effort of creating this community just to throw it away once the challenge was completed, even if that time is actually still in the future, no indeed! The Popfic Fairy Tale Remix Challenge is now The Popfic Fairy Tale Remix Community, otherwise already known as onceuponaremix. Any Pop Fairy Tales that are more than simple cut&paste name-swaps of Pop personas into the traditional cast of a fairy tale or other folk story are welcome here! And given that most such tales require at least a few changes to make them fit as Pop Stories (and they're more fun when they're not the same old stories anyway!) that means that most if not all sparkle-cast fairy tales qualify, really!

So, if you have a Pop Fairy Tale to share, feel free to join the community and do so!

And to the Beloved Audience, our Readers, please do leave the community's bards a coin or two in the form of feedback. 'Tis the only reward they get beyond the satisfaction of posting a completed story, after all!

Thank You and Enjoy,

And May You All Live Happily Ever After!
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03 September 2006 @ 02:36 pm
Greetings, Everyone!

The Popfic Fairy Tale Remix Challenge is rapidly drawing to a close!

In fact, the Challenge is set to go live in just two weeks! The actual due date for fic/link submissions is actually the day before, Saturday the 16th, so that everything can be formatted and uploaded.

Remember, if your story is finished, you are free to post it here or anywhere else you choose whenever you like! It's your story to do with as you like. As far as the Challenge is concerned, I just need a link to your story if you're not posting it here in the community. Comments to this post are screened, so feel free to ask any further questions, provide the link here if you don't want your story revealed ahead of time, etc etc.

Also, please remember that I will be uploading all stories to a separate site and formatting them to the same look (matching the community) unless the author informs me they don't want their story hosted elsewhere!

Although the 16th is the due date, PLEASE don't hesitate to offer your submissions ahead of time! The more time I have to format everything, the sooner the stories will be available all in the same place. *g*

And sign-ups were officially closed on the first, but there are still less than a dozen participants, so anyone who expressed an interest but never signed up, feel free if you think you can write a remixed fairy tale in two weeks!

Looking forward to seeing all the stories, Have Fun!
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01 September 2006 @ 01:25 am
The Popfic Fairy Tale Remix Challenge

Welcome to TPFTRC! The onceuponaremix community will provide participants updates, reminders, etc. This initial post is for sign-ups to the Challenge, see the Community Info for more details.

So, The Popfic Fairy Tale Remix Challenge:

Take your favorite fairly tale or childhood story, and popcast it. *NSYNC as the Shoemaker's Elves? Britney as Sleeping Beauty? Eminem as the Beast? The Backstreet Boys as the Town Musicians of Bremen? Go for it. And while you're changing a few details to make characters fit the pop personalities, go ahead and remix the whole thing. Tell your chosen story from a different point of view, from a unique perspective, non-linearly... ..or any other funky new way you can come up with. The following is a list of potential stories, comment to claim the one you'd like to popcast and remix... ..or suggest another that's not on the list. The only limitation is that the story be "traditional" fiction... ..a fairly tale, fable, myth, legend, folktale, etc. Just provide a link to a site that describes the original story (or an online version of the story in its entirety) so readers can see what your remix is based on. Chosen stories will be struck out like so on the list when taken, and suggested stories not from the original list will be added complete with link, already struck out. Please note that all comments to this entry will be screened to maintain anonyminity; if more than one person requests to sign up for the same story, the assignment will go to the person who requested it first (see Rules, below).

The List:

Sleeping Beauty The Nutcracker The Shoemaker and the Elves Pinocchio Hansel & Gretel
The Pied Piper of Hamelin Beauty and the Beast Rumplestiltskin Cinderella Peter Pan
Snow White Jack and the Beanstalk the Little Mermaid The Frog Prince The Town Musicians of Bremen
Swan Lake

So, once your sign up has been approved and your story struck from the list, remix it! Do whatever you'd like; you're already changing the characters to popcast it, change the setting, the time, the place... ..as long as you're telling the same story in essence. Maybe your Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Handsome?) is a modern tale, a corporate heir raised in the seclusion of a home-schooled penthouse until the day the corrupt Executive Board's industrial assassin landed them in a coma that only True Love's Kiss can provide the strength to wake from... Or you could tell the story of Snow White from a unique POV, maybe from the Magic Mirror's perspective, or perhaps as the woodland creatures who doted on Snow White saw things? The possibilities are as endless as the list of potential stories.


1) Your story must be based on an existing tale, with a link to that tale in your sign up comment (Wikipedia links are perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, though not every traditional tale ever told has a Wiki description, of course.)

2) Your story must be a remix as well as popcast. This is easier than it sounds; the only requirement is that it be more than a simple cut & paste of various sparkly names replacing the original character names. The precise nature of that "more" is up to you.

3) The MAIN character(s) of the story must be popcast, but not every character in the story has to be. If you're not comfortable casting a Real Person in the villain's role, don't bother. If a minor supporting character works better as the original from your source tale, go ahead and use them. But unexpected cameos filling those roles are always fun, too.

4) Popcasting is required, remixing is required, slash is not. But it's certainly welcome, even encouraged. There were a lot of princesses and innocent children in those old traditional tales; don't be afraid to have some fun with the popcasting and creative use of characterization.

5) Story sign ups are on a first-come, first-serve basis. HOWEVER, sign up comments are screened, so if you would like to include a summary of your remix idea, two versions of a single story may be allowed, if both mixes sound intriguing enough. Summaries are not required with sign up, just appreciated.

6) Participants are limited to a single story, so the Challenge can have the most participants possible. If you'd like to suggest more than one story you'd be willing to remix, feel free; just remember that you'll only be given one story from your list of requests.

7) Due Dates: The final due date is September 16th; a Master List will be posted in the community on the 17th. Sign ups shall remain open until September 1st.

8) Posting: Completed stories are free to be posted where- and when-ever, as long as a link is provided in the community (completed stories can be posted in the community, too.) On September 17th, the Master List will be posted with links to all of the stories. All completed stories will also be hosted on a separate site, formatted to a uniform look, unless the author does not want their work hosted elsewhere.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them here, all comments to this post are screened.

That's It! Have fun! Remember, a "remix" can be almost anything, new POV, new setting, modern retelling... ..whatever works for you. Comments are screened for anonymity; the list will be updated to show which stories have been taken, but not by whom.

Stay tuned for further details!
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